About Rodney

Rodney Montgomery

Professional Photographer

I can help you

  • Take amazing eye-catching photos

  • Make your website look pretty

  • Manage your social media presence and ads

At Work

I have been a professional real estate photographer for over 6 years. I have completed thousands of photo shoots throughout the country and am very proud of everything I’ve learned along the way. Through my experience in training new photographers, designing workflows, and becoming a self-sufficient nation-wide photographer, I believe I have the ideas, communication and hard-work needed to strengthen a business’ commercial presence. Working with clients to create something eye-catching whether it be with photography or design is a rewarding experience to me.

Outside of Work

 I currently live in Colden, but you won’t find me there often. Raised in West Seneca, I am an explorer by nature. Name a city in the United States and I’ve probably been there. When I’m not out traveling I enjoy hockey, going for long walks, playing video games and watching movies. I studied film at The University of Buffalo before finding my current job in Las Vegas. As strange as it sounds, my other major passion in life is Las Vegas itself. Learning the history and witnessing all of the changes that take place in such short periods of time is very exciting to me

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