About Brian

Brian Vaccaro

Marketing Strategy Consultant

I can help you

  • Understand and optimize your marketing strategy

  • Design a purpose-built marketing campaign bespoke to your needs

  • Identify goals and develop a plan to generate ROI for your marketing investment

At Work

I am a strategic marketing manager identifying marketing opportunities and developing strategies to expand business in target markets. Through a marketing consultant function, I’ve consulted with hundreds of companies across the country to understand their business and help develop a marketing strategy that will uniquely take advantage of their business’s differentiators and drive revenue in a crowded marketplace.


I received my Master’s Degree in education from the University at Buffalo in 2013. I spent the past six years working in various marketing roles honing my marketing craft with hands-on experience and results.

Outside of Work

A Buffalo native born in Williamsville and currently living in Tonawanda. My time outside of work involves engaging with communities of likeminded individuals, whether it is on my car, playing board games or video games, assembling plastic models, or volunteering with a local dog and cat rescue. My whole life revolves around helping others, whether it’s my work, spending time with friends and family, or with the pet rescue.

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